Technology – Cost vs Learning Curve

Today getting good technology for real estate is not difficult, nor for what you get is it expensive.

The problem with technology is the “Learning Curve”, and the costs associated around support and good training. Just think of your phone, how many of you actually use what your phone is capable of. Most Smart Phone Users make calls, check voicemail, check and write emails and search the internet. The typical smart phone has many more features, yet we do not take the time to learn about them or use them.

Most smart phones will record your voice, how many of you have ever used it to making property inspections comments for later reference when writing your disclosure, ie recording your thoughts as you walk around a client’s home.

Most smart phones & tablets will let you take high resolution screen shots – what if you used your mapping capability and found your clients home in say Google Maps did a screen shot and was able to use that screen shot/photo on your brochure to show where the property was located, or to include in an email when someone inquires about the property.

Smart Phones are also very capable of shooting HD quality video, why not use it to show a listing that just came on the market by shooting a short video with you describing why this home is significant and then emailing that video to your client. The impact of the video is 1,000 times more power full than an email that says “I found your home”.

The reason we do not use these technologies is because we are “to busy” to take the time, to learn how to use it. When we ask agents, 98% “do not have the time” yet they are doing less than a deal a month.

We all make choices in how we spend our time, but taking the time to become more effective saves time in the long run.

Technology is your friend, once mastered it is always be your servant!

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