Do You Know What It Cost You To Live

The problem with success is that you get financially secure and you become complacent with what things cost. When you are complacent you inadvertently spend more just for the sake of connivence because you can, but your  financial success can be eaten up before you know it.

At least every couple of years  it would be good to actually look at your credit card bills and your check register to see what you are  spending money on.  It may actually shock you and could change some of your actions. Remember a your Daily Star Bucks coffee is around $70.00 per month or $840.00 a year, and you thought it was just a cup of coffee.

This First Financial  Review will be a pain, just because you probably are not setup for it. The goal is to identify spending categories so you can see trends, establish base living costs, and see if you can create a actual saving plan of some kind.

Remember, it is not how much you make, but how much did your net worth increased after a years worth of work.  Once we make more than enough, we tend to increase our Life Style Spending and it feels good, so we tend to do more versus saving more.

Knowledge is Power – Give yourself  The Power 






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