How is the Economy Working For You

It is Better, There is significant growth, things continue to grow, % increases continues to look better.

All of those statements are True, But! are you betting your personal net worth on this “New Growth” we keep hearing about in the news.

Our small business fits all those statements, our percentage increases are more than significant, yet we keep hearing in our own comments caution. Why is this? Why are we not overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with our 40% increase over our 2012 numbers?

What about this economy’s success, causes an element of caution, a hesitation.

I do not have the answer! Just the feeling that there are still unresolved world issues that could still affect me locally, and we are in one of the strongest, hottest markets in the world – Silicon Valley.


Did Greece get better, and did we missed that news?

Did China over the last 10 years build City after City all now empty and all 100% sold out to its own citizens, not cause a real estate bubble?

Did Brazil’s growth just slow down for short period or ????

Is Europe actually better and growing or is it just not worse.

Is the instability in our oil rich nations a reason for concern.

Does the current stock market reflect company values or the fact that the US Government is still pumping billions of dollars into the economy every month.

That is just a quick list of things that in my mind if changed only slightly could have a big impact on our world economically.

On all this there is only opinions and predictions, as no one knows for sure what will happen in the future. This element of unknown causes my concerns.

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