Hong Kong & Walking – Octopus Pass – MTR

This was our first time to Hong Kong. Three things we were told over and over and we have found to be very true.

First and foremost, bring the most comfortable pair of walking shoes you own, or buy a pair. When here you walk everywhere even if you take a taxi. The sheer scale of the buildings requires walking distances to get to elevators. Having said that taxi’s are subject to crippling traffic, so you want to learn how to use the MTR ( Mass Transit, clean fast and well air conditioned ). Getting to the MTR requires walking, sometime long distances but is still much faster than a taxi.

Second, buy an Octopus Pass at the airport or as soon as possible. Card has a $50.00 dollar deposit and then you prepay any amount you want on top of that. This pass is what is used on the MTR, which otherwise it requires exact amount payment, no change and no over payment exact amount or no ticket.

Third, Hong Kong is not a bargain. Prices here are full retail equivalent as the US and sometimes more. You might find some price benefit, but it would take an experienced local to find it, as it would have to be away from all the normal shopping districts. You will find every brand made in the world for every item you can think of, in every color and variation, in stock. Hong Kong is all about Brand Names, anything to demonstrate style no matter what the cost.

I can also ad a few more thing we have found in Hong Kong

Shopping is an art form here. Shopping centers are either 10 levels up or a 1/4 mile long under ground, and they are like gas stations in the US, they are everywhere. Yes the same stores seem to be duplicated especially the major brands, but also Hong Kong is such a large market that every brand in the world is here, because locals buy brands in volume.

There is no graffiti, overwhelming ads, signs and video billboards, basically wherever there is a space there is an ad, even whole sides of 50 story office buildings have electronic signs advertising something.

Hong Kong is not a good place for a diet, fatty foods are celebrated and enjoyed for their flavor.

Bring the coolest clothes you have and lots of changes of shirts and tops, you will need them, every time you go out side you will want to change.

I do not drink a lot of water, Big Mistake, drink water, lots of water not just a glass with meals. In a couple of days I became dehydrated and the affects were pretty sever. Went to the doctor, ( funny thing he was a Canadian ) he gave me 6 bottles of mineral water from France ( his favorite ) said to drink them as quickly as I could and the next day I would be fine, He was right, I have been drinking water ever sense.

Oh well enough for now, Hong Kong is a true life experience and one I wish all could share.

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