The Exact replication of the 1908 Auto Race around the world in 2008


Two men from Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area completed the recreation of the United States first Leg on the 100 year anniversary of the 1908 Automobile Great Race in 2008. Now they have meticulously planned the exact recreation of the second leg leaving in May 2014. This is really more of a tour than a race and is an adventure that will be the first to duplicate the original historical event. People can join them with any type of automobile on this second leg by contacting MIR Corporation ( who has arranged for the lodging, food and required visas needed particularly through Russia and China. Riders also may sign up at MIR Corp too. This promises to be a great adventure for automobile enthusiasts from every era and historians alike. They will be adding their enjoyment and travails on their blog with web tools provided by Today Sotheby’s International Realty. If you cannot go make sure you tune in on the web and see the sights as they cross from Japan to Siberia, remote reaches of China and on to Moscow, Saint  Petersburg, through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Belguim and into France finishing in Paris Mid July 2014

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