World Auto Tour in Russia June 18. 2014

We arrived in Perm, pop 500,000, at 8pm last night.
I quickly got a pedicure, manicure, bikini wax, tease and curls. I look like
a Chia head now, that someone mowed down the middle!!!
John’s having a hell of a time getting his lost Visa squared away.
He’s going to the Consulate here this morning to see if he can finalize
You’d think in the age of computers it would be simple.
But in the famous words of Mel Brooks, “We have to protect our phony baloney
jobs gentlemen”.
That rules in every government. But, we keep driving west.
I’ll spare you the details, but I have some advice for you, DON”T EVER LOOSE
This picture is on the way to Perm.
Best roads in 3000 miles.
Moose out

 On route to Moscow Russia
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